Debtors Prisons

Selected Media Coverage

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Texas Mulls Non-Jail Options for Those Who Can’t Pay Fines by Meredith Hoffman for the Associated Press (here reprinted in the Seattle Times) on June 11, 2017

“Suit Alleges ‘Scheme’ in Criminal Costs Borne by New Orleans’s Poor” by Campbell Robertson for The New York Times on September 17, 2015

“Debtors Prisons Alive and Well in Louisiana” by Bill Quigley for The Huffington Post on September 2, 2015

“Settlement Ends System of Jail for Those Who Can’t Pay Fines,” by Chevel Johnson for AP News on June 21, 2016

“Jackson Jail Policy is Unconstitutional” by Patsy R. Brumfield for Mississippi Today on June 20, 2016

“Lawsuits Target ‘Debtors’ Prisons’ Across the Country” by Joseph Shapiro for NPR on October 21, 2015

“Lawsuit: Jackson Runs What Amounts to Debtors’ Prison” by Mollie Bryant and Jerry Mitchell for The Clarion-Ledger on October 13, 2015

“A St. Louis Suburb Jailed Nearly 2,000 People for Not Paying Fines” by Edwin Rios for Mother Jones on December 16, 2016

“Jennings $4.7 Million Settlement Sends Message to End Debtors’ Prisons” by the Editorial Board for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on July 19, 2016

“Town Near Ferguson, Mo., Agrees to Pay $4.7 Million to Settle ‘Debtors Prison’ Case” by Spencer S. Hsu for The Washington Post by July 14, 2016

“Civil Rights Attorneys Sue Ferguson over ‘Debtors Prisons’” by Joseph Shapiro for Morning Edition on NPR on February 8, 2015

“Ferguson One of 2 Missouri Suburbs Sued Over Gantlet of Traffic Fines and Jail” by Monica Davey for The New York Times on February 8, 2015

“Montgomery Agrees to New Policies on Jailing of Indigent” by Brian Lyman for the Montgomery Advertiser on November 12, 2014

“Lawsuit Closes Debtors’ Prison in Alabama Capital” on Southern Poverty Law Center’s blog on August 25, 2014

“Facing Doubts About Court Fines, Lawmakers Take Questions to Heart” by Joseph Shapiro for All Things Considered on NPR on June 4, 2014

“Alabama Town Allegedly Imprisons Poor People and Tells Them to Scrub Floors to Pay Off Traffic Fines” by Aviva Shen for ThinkProgress on March 21, 2014