Helping A Mother Visit Her Sons

One of Equal Justice Under Law’s clients, Joyce Davis — a Detroit-area mother and grandmother who is living on a fixed income and battling cancer — is not allowed to visit her two sons in prison because of unpaid traffic tickets. She owes $1485 to the state. Last week, she told her story to The Marshall Project:

davis brothers

Not being able to see my children, with all this hanging over me, is devastating. For one, you never know what will happen to me with my condition, and it would be devastating to not be with them, to not hold them close, ever again.”

After The Marshall Project story was posted, readers immediately started reaching out, asking how they could help, so Equal Justice Under Law organized the fundraising efforts. In less than 24 hours, supporters raised the funds to pay off all of Joyce’s debt, so she can start the process of reapplying for visitation. Joyce was overjoyed: “I love all of you! I haven’t seen my sons in nearly three years. That’s a blessing from God! Someone’s watching out for me down here and up there.”

Equal Justice Under Law is proud to be a part of Joyce’s reunion with her sons — and we will keep all of you updated as her story continues.

Phil Telfeyan Speaks at We the People Rally

DSC_0236On the morning of September 19, Executive Director of Equal Justice Under Law, Phil Telfeyan, spoke at a We the People Rally — “Reclaiming the Constitution” — in front of the US Capitol building.

“What’s broken in our criminal justice system on so many dimensions is that we turn to criminalization and punishment first,” Phil told those gathered. “Our first instinct as a society is to punish, when really we should be thinking, ‘what will work?'”

Phil and the team at Equal Justice Under Law will continue using its platform to seek solutions to the most difficult problems facing our criminal justice system.