Private Probation Settlement for $14.3 million

In October 2015, Equal Justice Under Law filed a landmark RICO and constitutional class action lawsuit Rodriguez v. Providence — in federal court in Nashville, TN, challenging the predatory practices of Providence Community Corrections (“PCC”), accusing it of extorting, threatening, and abusing the impoverished people that it was supposed to be supervising in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

On September 18, 2017, PCC and Rutherford County agreed to settle that case for $14.3 million.

This settlement is an important victory for the nearly 30,000 class members whom PCC allegedly subjected to predatory and abusive practices. In addition to recompensating tens of thousands of probationers for fees that PCC illegally collected, this settlement sends a clear message to private probation companies all across the country: you will pay for violating probationers’ constitutional rights.

This settlement is pending court approval.