DOJ Admits It Was Not Authorized To Prosecute Family in Medical Marijuana Case

59e63d851800004a00dfae37On Monday, October 16, the United Stated Department of Justice filed a brief confirming that the family in the so-called Kettle Falls Five medical marijuana case was in strict compliance with state law. Therefore, the DOJ has also confirmed that they were not authorized to spend money on the prosecution of the defendants because, starting in December 2014, Congress denied funding for such prosecutions in states where medical marijuana is lawful.

Equal Justice Under Law represents the family.

Regarding the brief, Phil Telfeyan says: “This family grew medical marijuana for their own health needs. For over five years, the federal government wasted taxpayer money prosecuting a family that had fully complied with state laws. The feds have finally admitted that the family never should have been prosecuted in the first place, but there is no way they can get those five years of their lives back.”

“This filing,” Telfeyan continued, “is a victory for the family and lawful medical marijuana users all across the country. Our government should not use federal money to prosecute people abiding by state laws. This filing will have far-reaching effects that should help end the federal prosecution of marijuana users in states where it’s legal.”

You can read more about the Kettle Falls Five case HERE

Or read the DOJ Brief here: DOJ Brief October 16 2017