Our Campaigns


Stop Suspended Drivers' License Laws

Many states suspend a driver’s license simply because they are too poor to pay their traffic tickets. Unable to drive, people often lose their jobs and life.



Eradicate Mandatory Minimums 

Every year, the federal government spends more than $50 billion on its War on Drugs, which overwhelmingly targets the poor and minorities, contributing to the highest incarceration rate in world history.



Free Conspiracy Women

Federal prosecutors abuse their authority to extort, threaten and coerce women to betray loved ones - forcing them into unwarranted guilty pleas.  



Help End Money Bail

Freedom should not have a price tag. No person should spend a single day in jail solely because they cannot afford to make a monetary payment.



Outlaw Home Banishment

In a free society, there should be no place for any kind of wealth-based banishment - help ensure that no city is allowed to banish people for being poor.