Dave Raxsdale

Financial Coordinator


Dave Raxsdale has over 17 of experience in financial management, financial advising and accounting. He assists organizations with financial planning, expense reporting, annual budgets, tax mitigation and generating year end financial statements and reports. Dave is a policy specialist with The Architect of the Capitol. He was the founder and director of DC Metro Deaf Citywide, a local nonprofit religious organization. He also was a minister at Gallaudet University for several years.

Dave and his wife, Yoon, resides in Northern Virginia with their 4 children Isaiah, Sarah, Jonah and Hannah. They love visiting the area's many museums and tourist attractions. Dave enjoys bowling, golfing and action movies. He and his family loves Korean and Cajun food, and enjoy playing Clash of Clans and Battlefield 4.

If you could choose one hobby, regardless of cost or time constraints what hobby would you take up and why? 

Dave - Hmm...that's a tough one! So many things to choose from. I think it would be golf. I love being outside on a beautiful day and it's definitely a game where you can meet people and be challenged both mentally and physically. I was a sportswriter for the weekly campus newspaper when I was in college, which complimented my love for athletics.