Equal Justice Under Law



Stopping Home Banishment


certain towns and cities ban mobile homes simply because they are not valued at arbitrarily high sums of money. This kind of wealth-based scheme is unconscionable discrimination and an attempt to ban individuals from the community simply because they are not wealthy.

For example, in 2015 the city of Newark, Arkansas passed an ordinance forbidding anyone from living in the city in a mobile home worth less than $25,000 (for single-wides) or $35,000 (for double-wides). Those whose homes are not “worthy” must either move outside the city limits or face fines up to $500 per day merely for existing.

No one should fear being chased out of their hometown simply because they are too poor to afford a more expensive residence. At a time when civil rights feel under attack in this nation, this settlement is a victory for everyone who values individual dignity.
— Phil Telfeyan, Executive Director

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