Our Mission

Equal Justice Under Law is a Civil Rights Nonprofit dedicated to achieving equality and ending the cycle of poverty across the nation.

Through impact litigation, policy reform, and public outreach, we seek radical reform of systemic inequalities in our justice system. We believe the justice system should improve well-being across society, but repeatedly it creates cycles of poverty, ruins lives, and makes everybody less safe. When counterproductive laws trap millions of people in poverty every year,  communities are made worse off. A justice system premised on equality should promote opportunities for all, including housing, employment, and family relationships. Our mission is to end inequality in the justice system.

Since our founding in 2014, we have developed special expertise on the use of money bail pretrial, wealth-based driver's license suspensions, debtor's prisons,  abusive private probation practices, and other areas of wealth-based inequality in our justice system.  Equal Justice Under Law moves beyond temporary solutions to create lasting improvements in our justice system — to end wealth-based discrimination and create a justice system that is truly equal.


Our Founding Principles



honoring economic equality

based on our nation’s founding principles of equality and justice for all



Defend justice for people in poverty

on the principles of equal justice that are necessary for our legal system to maintain its legitimacy

Foster the humanity of people

by amplifying the voices of the ignored, underrepresented and disenfranchised 



safeguard human rights in the criminal justice system

by advocating for changes to state and federal policy to end injustices that needlessly trap millions in a cycle of poverty



COMMITMENT to livelihoods

by building and restoring compassion for every life, family and community across the nation