Alternative Facts



Our national conversation can be a little bleak these days. Continually fighting the good fight – against poverty, inequality in our justice system, or any of your own personal causes – can be exhausting, frustrating and downright infuriating. So, here’s your chance to join us for a little levity and add some color back to our national picture.

Equal Justice Under Law is proud to partner with Debbie Chesbro and Karen Bu, authors of Alternative Facts: An Adult Political Coloring Book, covering events in America since the 2016 election. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of their book will go to support Equal Justice Under Law and our quest to free people living in poverty from the abuses of our current justice system. 

Alternative Facts Color Book is Debbie and Karen’s contribution to the national conversation about truth, freedom and equality at this unique time in American history. They aim to set facts straight, resist dangerous policies, and raise money for charities that may be negatively impacted by the current administration.


Equality, immigration, healthcare, the environment, and freedom of the press are just some of the issues depicted through 44 beautifully detailed black and white illustrations. Each illustration is paired with an actual fact related to that image.

Color the world the way you want it… and, in the process, help raise money to end discrimination against those living in poverty.

If you want to increase your support to Equal Justice Under Law, when you purchase your copy, sign in via AmazonSmile and designate EJUL as your charity of choice!

photo source: Gage Skidmore

Stephanie Storey