DC Podcats Interview Executive Director Phil Telfeyan


Have you ever wanted to affect change at either the local or federal level  but didn’t know where to begin? Were you curious how you could start your own grassroots organization and keep it thriving? Have you pondered what it means to be an engaged American citizen in your community?  Debbie and Crystal, the co-creators and producers behind DC Podcats, have made a survival guide and primer course to get you started. On their podcast they offer practical advice on how to start your political activism, how to stay engaged, how to avoid burn out and rally others to your cause.  In short, how to be the engaged and informed citizen you know you can be!

They explore how to defend your ideals, no matter what side of the political aisle you stand on, and how to engage your fellow citizens to make sure that your voices are heard in our government.  Social media is a powerful tool but now more than ever, citizens need to become informed and active to insure that we have a government for the people and by the people

In their latest episode, Debbie and Crystal talked with Phil Telfeyan about his pro bono practice, Equal Justice Under Law.  They touched on his time at the DOJ, his decision to start a non-profit, how Trump has affected his work, and a little bit about his magic habit. Tune in for some great information and inspiring tidbits on how to start your own non-profit and how you can help Equal Justice Under Law.