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The Fast and the Flat Broke: Texas’ Extortion of the Poor

As of January 2018, over 1.4 million Texans had suspended licenses for failure to pay additional surcharges on a ticket for a driving infraction. Equal Justice Under Law has filed a lawsuit against Governor Greg Abbot and Texas’ Department of Public Safety to end this program once and for all and help affected Texans escape a cycle of poverty.

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Victory Against the “War on Drugs”: Pennsylvania Repeals Punitive License Suspensions in Wake of EJUL Suit

Between 2011 and 2016, Pennsylvania suspended the licenses of over 149,000 individuals as an additional punishment for non-driving-related drug convictions. Now, nine months after EJUL filed a class action lawsuit against the counterproductive practice, Pennsylvania has abolished it.

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Historic Resolution Agreement Made in Alabama to Reform Money Bail

A historic Resolution Agreement was reached yesterday with the United States Department of Justice and the Tenth Judicial District of Alabama, requiring the use of risk-based assessments and pretrial alternative services rather than monetary means to determine which defendants are released prior to trial.

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